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Miami Mermaids at the Piano Bar, Biscayne Bay
Mysteriously, a baby grand piano ends up on a sand bar in the middle
of Miami's Biscayne Bay. An over night sensation, the piano appears
on TV and newspapers across the country.
Mysteriously, we - the Miami Mermaidsor known 
in Spanish as Sirenas Miami, gather around for
one last concert of sorts, "the grand finale" on Thursday, Jan. 27, 2011.
About two hours later, the baby grand that attracted so much attention
was dismantled and hauled of by a salvage company.
We were so happy to spend the last hours with this iconic site. 
Move over Christo's Pink Islands, Miami has a new iconic symbol!

Read more in El Nuevo Herald and Miami Beach 411 

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Miami Mermaids News

Famed Biscayne Bay Piano Sand Bar's Grand Fanale
• Jan. 27, 2011 - The Miami Mermaids hit the sand bar where 
a mysterious piano ended up.     

eBay Mermaid Vampire Auction!
• Oct 3rd-13, 2010 - 3rd Annual Mermaid Vampire eBay Auction!


• The Miami Mermaids won first place in the Vampire.com video contest!
See the winning video below!


• We are delighted to announce, the Miami Mermaids are the proud
sponsors of the Save Our Seas Foundation

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• SoFlo Radio.com
• South Florida Parenting Magazine

Welcome into the pool!
We are a unique trio of Miami based mermaids
ooops and one merman too!
We have a very cool suitcase to travel anywhere in the world.
Miami isn’t the only place that needs mermaids ya know!!!

We specialize in making your party or event
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We put the splash in your party!
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• Corporate Events
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The Miami Mermaids are multi-terran! In other words,
if you do not have a pool, no problem!
Even though they love enchanting your guest while
they swim in your pool, they also do "dry events" as well.
Simply mention which you prefer at the time of booking.

Corporate Events
“I need something special to make my event remarkable!”

Picture yourself at a sophisticated gathering.
You look around at the beautiful surroundings
lush landscaping, giant crystal clear pool.

OH — but something is missing.
You don’t realize it at first, but then it hits you.

This party needs some riparian ambiance!

Mermaids...Miami Mermaids to be exact!

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Check out our new Miami Mermaid Commercial!

The Miami Mermaids are the proud winners
of the Vampire.com video contest!
MerFans, check out the Miami Mermaids as Mermaid Vampires
in the new commercial for Vampire Wine!

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Book the Miami Mermaids for your
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The Miami Mermaids is a Proud Sponsor of
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The Miami Mermaids support Save our Seas Foundation!
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do for our neighbors of the sea.

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